My stories


I am writing a story called The Dragon, where there is a girl named Jennifer.

Jennifer found an interesting red Dragon egg in her lovely garden.

She helped it hatch and when it was getting older she gave it healthy and nutritious food and trained it how to fly fast and high.

Chapter 1: Where they went to the GreenStory

I want to go to the Greenstory! The Green Story was a forest that had many stories about the green land.

So tehy went of walking to Green land. Jennifer didnt tell her friend about ther dragon yet. She was planning to. When they got to Greenland they got settled and then she told her friend that she had a dragon. Her friend screamed so loud.

"No way!" Can you call her. Ofcourse! Do it! So Jennifer called Safira in her mind. There!

She was standing right in front of Haily. Haily was Jennifers best friend. Wow! Can I ride her? No! Why not? Because you aren't trained. So! So, you will fall. Fine. I have something to tellyou. What? I have a dragon too! Really! Yes! Call it. Ok. So Haily called her dragon. Her dragon was named Flower. Awsome! what is your Dragon's name? Flower. I'm sorry Ididn't let you ride my dragon. It's ok. You didn't know. Well. Let's go flying. They flew so high in the sky. They did amazing tricks. Flips, back flipsand swirls. When they got back they were so tired.

Where they lost the dragons

They went to bed emedeitly! It was only 5:00 in the evening! The next morning they had fish for breakfast so did flower and Safira. They were starving from traveling from home to Greenland the girls told they dragons to go where they got setteled. The girls went for a walk when they got back everything was gone!

They called their dragons but they didnt come. They were gone. Oh my gosh! I want to go home! But this is our only time to actually have an adventure like this. Come on! "Fine." said Haily. What are we going to do? Haily asked. Well why dont we look for clues. Ok. So the girls looked all over the place for clues. Haily found foot prints on the ground. Jennifer found dirty handprints on one pair of socks they dropped. Jennifer had no idea why they wanted clothes. Hey come here I found foot prints. Good lets follow them. Maybe. It will lead us to where they are. They followed the foot prints. but, they stopped in the middle of Greenland. Then Haily remembered something. Hey Iknow what animal or thing this belongs to. Really yes! they are called Osalls. Wow. How did you know this? Well my dad wrote about this along time ago and I found it in our bookshelf.

He used to care about things. Anyway, I looked in it and I saw a picture of a foot print and on top of said Osalls foot print. Cool. Was your Dad a dragon rider? Yes? So is mine! Ok, enought chitchat lets get to work. Haily said. Well if the trail ends here then they must have flewon our dragons.

Avoiding dead meat and instead Hatching a Plan

Why they are dead meat Haily said. Stop thinking about dead meat and start thingking a plan. Fine Haily said. Jennifer saw something. It was two dragons. Hey are those are our dragons. Lets call them. Ok. So the girls called the draggons. They came. The girls were relived! Yes. One of the dragons said. Are you ok? Did they hurt you? what did they do to you. Nothing what are you talking about? I thought you were captured by the Osalls. No. we were in the forest. If you were in the forest they why didnt you come come when I called you. Because we arent your dragons. But you look just like them. Yes we are the same kind. But we arent the same exact dragon. Then what are your names? We dont have any. Why not? We'd rather not talk about it. Sorry. Um. We have to go. Said the dragons. Waiiiit! the girls said. Darnet!! Haily asked why were we saying wait? Jennifer slapped her head. Because they could take us to our dragons. Oooh. Now I get it! Yhea. Anyway. we have to find those dragons. Ok. Haily said. But how? why dont we? Hey look there is a book on the ground.

It was the day before Thanksgiving. I had to beg and beg for my Dad to make his special Cool-whi & Pound-cake desert. He told me he would think about it. I asked him an hour later if he had thought about it. He said he did and he would make it. I thanked him and asked him to make sure there would be enough for everyone.

I then went and helped Mom set up the table. I told her I wanted to help with Thanksgiving table. She agreed and we soon finished.

Then I went over Dad to help with the desert. I helped mix the cool-whip. He warned me not to dip my finger and taste the desert. It did taste very good though when I tried anyhow. My dad then put the desert in a bowl and put the bowl in the fridge. We promised Dad, me and my little bother of a brother, wouldn't eat it before morning.

It wast late in the night by then. Dad wanted to go to sleep. I wondered if my school would like the desert. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I would wait until the next morning. Dad woke up. It was time to have a feast. It was soon the hour of the desert. All the desert was gone in 10 minutes.

I told my Dad he would have to make another one for School.

And thats, folks, is the end.

2) About this site


This site is designed to showcase educational materials for students in elementary grades. You will find workbooks, references, and my writings among other things.

I love animals.

My favorite hobby is to dance and to sing. I like to draw people and me.

When I group up I want to be a veternarian.

I like to drink coke, pepsi, and water.

I like to read books. I love school.

I like to go to the park.

I am seven years old. I like to swim and have fun with my family. I like to play soccer with my friends and family. I ride a scooter.

My birthday is in April. I have two brothers and 1 sister.

I collect pins and stickers.

And that's all I'm going to tell for now.

4) Appeal


My Grandma is gone. She's up in Gods hands. I miss her very much. And all I want is to have her back.

I want to see her so much. And I'm shure she misses me. I wish she can come down and hug me one more time.

5) Bing 100


I love my life in the 100's. I'm 100. I have two pets. They are a boy and a girl. They are dogs. There names are Daisy and Sceebo. I also have children and Grand Children.

In college I studied to be a vet. I got a Degree and I was very happy. When I was a vet I would take care of animals when the're sick, engered, and check their herts by listening to there hearts. I also cut there claws if there too long.

What we have right now are flying cars, and crayons that spray on paper to draw. I love all the things rigth now and I also love bing 100!

by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader

6) Courtsey


Courtesy is all around us at school.

First, we see people being nice to each other by helping them when they are hurt.

Next, we hear people saying "Thank you" and "please". Then, we hold the door for old people.

Finally, we all play together on the playground. Courtesy is an important virtue to show.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader

7) Exercising my way


My favorite way to exercise is by doing dances. I like dancing because I get to stretch my arms, legs, and learn new steps. I taught myself how to dance by trying to teach myself new steps. I use my arms, legs, head, and hips. I use them to dance.

You can do this exercise at your house, party, and stage. I feel energetic and happy when I exercise.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader

8) If I were a President


If I were president I would show kindness. This virtue is important because you should always be nice to the world. This virtue is also good because the president should always be nice to her people.

I would show kindness when it is time to meet another leader from another country. I would also use it when it is time to meet a new government.

I would also use it when they are making up laws. I should always do it when I'm in a serious talk. If I didn't use kindness people wouldn't like me.

Also if I didn't use it the people would want a different president. I would be a good president because I would be kind to all the people.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader

10) My interview


What is my favorite number?

What is my favorite color?

Can I do a cart wheel?

Do I love you?

What age do I get a puppy?

What's my favorite place?

Did I want a horse first or a rabbit?

What's my favorite food?

Do I like all the animals or just one?

Whad did I like to do for Ash when I was three?

What's my favorite fruit?

Do I want my puppy to be a boy or a girl?

Do I like school?

Do I like to swim?

Do I like to Dance?

This snowglobe is all about my trip to the Alhambra theater. At the Alhambra theater there were 3 kids and 3 parents. Two parents have black hair and 1 had blond hair. The two kids were very nice.

There is a table in my globe for us to eat. We can also drink water, coke or sprite. In my snowglobe there is a stage. It is for a show. The show is called Christmas Carols. I thought the show was really good.

I feel sad when I look at my snowglobe because I look at it and it makes me want to go back.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader

12) Pioneer life


Image borrowed from

Pioneer life seems cool and sad. For example they get to have stuff like their bed in their wagon. But when they leave they don't get to see their family.

I also think it is cool to have a good bye party when they leave. But on their way one of their horses could die and it could be even harder to travel in the wagon.

Pioneers can have a very hard time when they travel. They could lose there food by it falling out the wagon while their moving. But the best thing was that they still had their family while they were traveling.

But if someone got hurt there was nothing to do because there were no doctors or medicines. I feel sad when I think about pioneers becasuse if there was a pack of wolves and there was only a child and a parent and they forgot they're gone they could get hurt.

A pioneer impression - by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader

13) Shabatt is Cool!


Shabatt is cool!
It's like I spent the whole day in the pool.

I could lie down on the sand
and listen to my favorite band.

Shabbat is cool!
I had a great time at the pool.

Once upon a time there was a spooky, scary haunted house that was in Halloween town and it was very, very spooky. People never ever go to that spooky, spooky house.

But one day two girls named Kavitha and Erena went inside. But then they heard bats and the haunted house had more than bats. It had skeletons, vampires, and monsters. Then they ran into witches they were walking backwards.

Then they leaned on a wall and the wall opened and inside there was a man who was controlling the things that they saw. So the girls realized that the spooky haunted house was was not spooky at all. So they invited some friends to come over.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader

15) Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving dinner would be different if I were in charge.

The first thing I would change is the vegetable soup. It is from a can and I only like a certain type of vegatable. Instead I would include yummy chocalate strawberies.

Also I would throw out the plain potatoe and change it for macaroni and cheese because to me plain potatoe is so mushy.

Instead of taking out things, now I'm going to add a rainbow freeze Icy for all of us to drink. I am throwing this in because a rainbow freeze icy is so good.

Finally I would add Angel Hair pasta. I will just love being the Boss of Thanksgiving.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 3rd Grader

A hurricane is coming to Jacksonville!

That's bad!

No, that's good because we would get to move to somewhere other than Jacksonville

That's good!

No, that's bad because I would not be able to see what a flood looks like.

That's bad!

No, that's good because my Mom said we might be going back to Jacksonville.

That's good! No, that's bad because I am a little bit shy around people.

That's good!

No, that's bad because a tornado is coming to Jacksonville.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader

One day a little boy found a puppy out side and went inside to ask his mother if he can keep it and she said yes. So he went to show evrybody and evrybody said it is very good and cute but only his one best best friend said it is grose.

But when the boy found the puppies mother he gave the puppy back and he said I'm going to miss you but when they started walking the boy had an Idia so he said wate would you like to stay with me. And the puppy and the mother barked and that meant "Yes".

And thats, folks, is the end.

Once upon a time in a far far away land there was a witch. The witches names was Sally. She was a very nice witch.

One day the witch made a magical soup. If she gave the soup to anyone it would make them into a snake. But the witch didn't know that. The witch thot whoever drank it they would turn into a handsom or pretty boy, girl, Man, or Women.

So one day Sally met a leprechaun named Jhonny. Jhony was getting married in 20 minits. Sally wanted to offer him a sip of her soup. So she asked him if he would like a sip and he decided he would have a sip.

So Jhoney took a sip then he turned into a snake. Jhony didn't realize that he was a snake untill the witch told him that he was a snake. Jhony got real scared. Because he was getting married in 5 minits. Then the witch had a great Idea.

So she asked him to come to her secret layer. Jhony decided he will come. So they both went to Sally's secret layer. So when they got there the witch looked threw her magical ingredients books. Then she finally found a ingredient that will make Jhony a handsome leprechaun.

Jhony was happy and sad at the same time. He was getting married in two minutes. The witch was making the magical soup for Jhony. When she was finally done Jhony was getting married in one minit. Sally gave Jhony the soup and he turned into a handsom leprechan.

They they both got on Sally's broom and went to the wedding. They were right on time. Everyone was very happy asppeshally Sally and they all lived happily ever after.

There she was sitting on that stone exactly where she was yesterday. A few days ago a girl named Annie found a magical place. Well she thought it was magical. It has animals all around it. Annie loved animals. She could talk to them too. Well you see Annie was a fairy she loved animals so much if she saw an animal she would go running up to it and she would try to catch it to keep it.

So the next day she ran into the forest to see the animals. But when she got there she had a feeling that something was missing. But she didn't care so she sat on the stone where she loved to sit but she fell on the ground and the stone was gone!! She couldn't believe her eyes her favorite spot in the whole wide world is gone!!

She wondered and wondered but nothing came to her. She thought how can someone take a part of a forest. She was so confused so she tried calling some animals to tell her what was going on. But no luck. So she went home her animal friends were captured. Her favorite spot in the whole wide world was gone.

But then she had an idea.

So she went back to the forest and to that part of the forest and turned into a detective. She saw foot prints going straight ahead so she followed them. the foot prints stopped. She was confused but then she saw wines ahead of her so she swang like tarzan and landed right behind a tall tall man. she was scarred but that didn't stop her from finding out that mystery.

The man looks behind him and said who goes there. Any said hi, I am looking for some animals and a part of a forest. The man said we don't anythign about a part of a forest but we do know somethign about animals. Annie was so happy but the man said that him and his friends ate them. She screemed as loud as she could and started crying. But she didn't give up she kept on going when she stopped she saw big strong strong men a stone and tall trees. It was her favorite place in the whole wide world.

She yelled stop but it was too late. The men shredded the trees and Annie yelled No. She ran home crying but as she was running home she saw a beautiful place where she can sit and there were animals there. Annie said I found my new magical place. She still had her old friends in her heart with her part of the forest she lost.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 3rd Grader

Show Celina my (3 to 5 mins - kk)

Play with barbies (3 mins -cl )

Play with both dolls (3 mins - kk)

Make cards for parents (4 mins - cl)

Make bracelets (10 mins)

draw (2 mins)

snack (3 mins)

Chalk, if cant find chalk ride bikes( 2 mins)

spy (3 mins)

make up dance for parents (20 mins)

This is what the tooth fairy does with teeth. I believe that the tooth fairy makes a house. First the fairy looks under the pillow and leaves money. Then she takes the tooth home. Finally she uses the wand to make house. Then she cooks dinner in her house!

22) welcome to 2nd Grade


My name is Kavitha
and I'd like to tell you
is what I like to do.

I'm seven years old now
but in April I'll be eight.
I think animals
are really great.

You'll find that drawing faces
is something I'm good at.
But playing with my friends is what I do
when I can't do that.

My family is super,
mom, dad, and 3 others.
I'm in the middle.
with 1 sister, and 2 brothers.

The best thing we do
as a family for fun
is go to Adventure Landing.
and that pleases everyone!

I had a good summer,
it was lot of fun,
But I'm back at JCDS

by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader

23) What do they see?


The homeless see nothing!
They don't see the light in their lives.
All they see is darkness through their eyes.