Significant improvements can be made in FCAT math scores by methodically preparing for the test a week before.

You will start by writing down all multiplication facts between 1 through 12. Perhaps do this 2 or 3 times. This will help in multiplication and division.

For numbers 1 through 100 make the student write all factors for each number.

Get the student familiar with simple multiplication facts such as multiplying something with a 10 or 100.

Rounding seem to be very important. So you want to run through some practice tests for these.

Lot of tests seem to include capacity measurements.

Expression evaluation that uses brackets seem to come up a lot.

I have also often seen algbraic relationship between two variables based on their tabulated values.

The following documents will help you to work with your child in a methodical manner to exercise through these often tested ideas.

covers patterns, tables, time, units, estimations, and expressions.

2) A sample graph paper


A sample graph paper to be used for FCAT tests. Print this document to give exercises related to graph paper, points, lines, and distances.

Rounding can get confused if the number to the left of the rounding happens to be 1 or more 9s. The effect will ripple through to the left. This exercise gives examples of this scenario.

4) 10.05 Just Rounding


Rounding is so essential to this test, this exercise completely focusses on rounding. Completing this will give student more confidence to tackle rounding.

Table relationships, missing numbers, subtraction, elevator problem.

This test covers a) rounding b) two digit multiplication c) word problems d) missing terms e) relationship between two variables based on their tabulated data e) expanding brackets f) expressions

This test covers position values, rounding, missing terms in an equation, and basic multiplications. "Rounding" is a single theme that come the most. You want your child to nail this down in sleep.

A basic battery covering position values, equations involving parenthesis, simple additions. The theme of equations involving missing terms is a constant theme.

A brief overview of various units. It helps to look them up and read about them in a general sense while taking measurements tests. This will work as a reference for measurement tests. Print this out and read from top to bottom. You can read this either before starting the test or during the test or after the test.

10) 05. Measurement review


Measurement review for FCAT including miles, kilometers, yards, feet, ounces.

11) 04. Measuring Capacity 1


This exercise should help in Math FCAT. FCAT seem to ask many questions related to measuring, including capacity.

This exercise covers such things as cups, gallons, and litres.

More exercises to support multiplying two numbers with ending zeroes. Remember to shift when you multiply double digits or triple digits. 4th graders could easily forget this with out practice.

multiplication by 10s, 100s, and 1000s

When you multiply a number with a 10, you just put one zero next to that number. When you multiply a number with a 100 you put two zeros next to that number. And when you do similar with a 1000 you put three zeroes and so on and so forth.

Then emphasize the idea that multiplying two numbers where there are ending zeros in both numbers.

When you multiply two numbers with any of them having ending zeroes, you cad do this:

1. Count the number of zeroes that are there at the end of both numbers. Say there are 3 all together.

2. Remove them from both numbers

3. Look at the remaining two numbers.

4. Multiply those numbers

5. Now put back the combined number of removed zeroes at the end of the answer in step 4