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4th grade science     summary
4th grade technology     summary
01 What is technology? (13-Oct-07)
02 Give some examples of technology? (13-Oct-07)
03 Give some example of how technology is useful? (13-Oct-07)
04 what are some harmful affects of technology? (13-Oct-07)
05 what is velcro? (13-Oct-07)
06 Give an example of usage for polyurethene? (13-Oct-07)
07 what are some examples of how technology is used in food production? (13-Oct-07)
08 what are pesticides? (13-Oct-07)
09 what are insecticides? (13-Oct-07)
10. why do farmers use fertilizers? (13-Oct-07)
11 how can fertilizers cause polution? (13-Oct-07)
12 what are emissions? (13-Oct-07)
13 what are x-rays? (13-Oct-07)
14 who invented x-rays? (13-Oct-07)
15 what do you use x-rays for? (13-Oct-07)
16 how can x-rays be harmful? (13-Oct-07)
17 how do doctors use x-rays? (13-Oct-07)
17 what do you use to take pictures of bones? (13-Oct-07)
18 why do you need to take pictures of bones? (13-Oct-07)
19 can you use x-rays to take pictures of soft tissue like blood vessels? (13-Oct-07)
20 what does MRI stand for? (13-Oct-07)
21. what do you use MRI for? (13-Oct-07)
22 what are optical fibers? (13-Oct-07)
23 what is a laser? (13-Oct-07)
24 what are lasers used for? (13-Oct-07)
25 what are optical fibers used for? (13-Oct-07)
26 what is a key hole surgery? (13-Oct-07)
27 Can you use lasers to fix eyes? (13-Oct-07)
28 How can you use lasers to help heart attacks? (13-Oct-07)
29 what is communication? (13-Oct-07)
30. what are someways to send messages? (13-Oct-07)
31 What are some examples of using electricity for sending messages? (13-Oct-07)
32 how does a telephone work? (13-Oct-07)
33 what are satelites? (13-Oct-07)
34 what are some uses of satelites? (13-Oct-07)
35 who produced lot of cars first and when? (13-Oct-07)
36 who invented the aeroplane and when? (13-Oct-07)
37 For howlong have humans been flying? (13-Oct-07)
38 who created the early designs of aeroplanes but did not build? (13-Oct-07)
39 What is Leonardo Davinci's connection to flight? (13-Oct-07)
40 what is the impact of using electricity for communication? (13-Oct-07)
41 what are some examples of telecommunication? (13-Oct-07)
42 Can you use optical fibers for communication? (13-Oct-07)
42 why is TV called television? (13-Oct-07)
43 can you use lasers for communication? (13-Oct-07)
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