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4th grade science     summary
4th grade technology     summary
Book 1     summary
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Book3     summary
Book5     summary
Ernest Shackleton     summary
01 who is he? (15-May-08)
02 where was he born? (15-May-08)
03 who are his parents? (15-May-08)
04 where did he go to school (15-May-08)
05 how did he become famous? (15-May-08)
06 What was his family like? (15-May-08)
07 what did he explore? (15-May-08)
08 how did they dress for antarctic (15-May-08)
09 what do the ships look like? (15-May-08)
10 what does a map to the south pole look like? (15-May-08)
11 What does he look like? (15-May-08)
General research on Explorer Shackleton (20-May-08)
Math Vocabulary     summary
My stories     summary
my words     summary
Poems     summary
Resources     summary
Science Vocabulary     summary