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The Good Witch and the Handsome Leprechaun

Once upon a time in a far far away land there was a witch. The witches names was Sally. She was a very nice witch.

One day the witch made a magical soup. If she gave the soup to anyone it would make them into a snake. But the witch didn't know that. The witch thot whoever drank it they would turn into a handsom or pretty boy, girl, Man, or Women.

So one day Sally met a leprechaun named Jhonny. Jhony was getting married in 20 minits. Sally wanted to offer him a sip of her soup. So she asked him if he would like a sip and he decided he would have a sip.

So Jhoney took a sip then he turned into a snake. Jhony didn't realize that he was a snake untill the witch told him that he was a snake. Jhony got real scared. Because he was getting married in 5 minits. Then the witch had a great Idea.

So she asked him to come to her secret layer. Jhony decided he will come. So they both went to Sally's secret layer. So when they got there the witch looked threw her magical ingredients books. Then she finally found a ingredient that will make Jhony a handsome leprechaun.

Jhony was happy and sad at the same time. He was getting married in two minutes. The witch was making the magical soup for Jhony. When she was finally done Jhony was getting married in one minit. Sally gave Jhony the soup and he turned into a handsom leprechan.

They they both got on Sally's broom and went to the wedding. They were right on time. Everyone was very happy asppeshally Sally and they all lived happily ever after.