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Pioneer life

Image borrowed from thewildfrontier.net

Pioneer life seems cool and sad. For example they get to have stuff like their bed in their wagon. But when they leave they don't get to see their family.

I also think it is cool to have a good bye party when they leave. But on their way one of their horses could die and it could be even harder to travel in the wagon.

Pioneers can have a very hard time when they travel. They could lose there food by it falling out the wagon while their moving. But the best thing was that they still had their family while they were traveling.

But if someone got hurt there was nothing to do because there were no doctors or medicines. I feel sad when I think about pioneers becasuse if there was a pack of wolves and there was only a child and a parent and they forgot they're gone they could get hurt.

A pioneer impression - by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader