5-Jun-06 (Created: 5-Jun-06) | More in 'My stories'

Spooky, Scary, Haunted House

Once upon a time there was a spooky, scary haunted house that was in Halloween town and it was very, very spooky. People never ever go to that spooky, spooky house.

But one day two girls named Kavitha and Erena went inside. But then they heard bats and the haunted house had more than bats. It had skeletons, vampires, and monsters. Then they ran into witches they were walking backwards.

Then they leaned on a wall and the wall opened and inside there was a man who was controlling the things that they saw. So the girls realized that the spooky haunted house was was not spooky at all. So they invited some friends to come over.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 2nd Grader