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The magical place Lost?

There she was sitting on that stone exactly where she was yesterday. A few days ago a girl named Annie found a magical place. Well she thought it was magical. It has animals all around it. Annie loved animals. She could talk to them too. Well you see Annie was a fairy she loved animals so much if she saw an animal she would go running up to it and she would try to catch it to keep it.

So the next day she ran into the forest to see the animals. But when she got there she had a feeling that something was missing. But she didn't care so she sat on the stone where she loved to sit but she fell on the ground and the stone was gone!! She couldn't believe her eyes her favorite spot in the whole wide world is gone!!

She wondered and wondered but nothing came to her. She thought how can someone take a part of a forest. She was so confused so she tried calling some animals to tell her what was going on. But no luck. So she went home her animal friends were captured. Her favorite spot in the whole wide world was gone.

But then she had an idea.

So she went back to the forest and to that part of the forest and turned into a detective. She saw foot prints going straight ahead so she followed them. the foot prints stopped. She was confused but then she saw wines ahead of her so she swang like tarzan and landed right behind a tall tall man. she was scarred but that didn't stop her from finding out that mystery.

The man looks behind him and said who goes there. Any said hi, I am looking for some animals and a part of a forest. The man said we don't anythign about a part of a forest but we do know somethign about animals. Annie was so happy but the man said that him and his friends ate them. She screemed as loud as she could and started crying. But she didn't give up she kept on going when she stopped she saw big strong strong men a stone and tall trees. It was her favorite place in the whole wide world.

She yelled stop but it was too late. The men shredded the trees and Annie yelled No. She ran home crying but as she was running home she saw a beautiful place where she can sit and there were animals there. Annie said I found my new magical place. She still had her old friends in her heart with her part of the forest she lost.

by Kavitha Komatineni, 3rd Grader