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A dragon story in the making: Still incomplete


I am writing a story called The Dragon, where there is a girl named Jennifer.

Jennifer found an interesting red Dragon egg in her lovely garden.

She helped it hatch and when it was getting older she gave it healthy and nutritious food and trained it how to fly fast and high.

Chapter 1: Where they went to the GreenStory

I want to go to the Greenstory! The Green Story was a forest that had many stories about the green land.

So tehy went of walking to Green land. Jennifer didnt tell her friend about ther dragon yet. She was planning to. When they got to Greenland they got settled and then she told her friend that she had a dragon. Her friend screamed so loud.

"No way!" Can you call her. Ofcourse! Do it! So Jennifer called Safira in her mind. There!

She was standing right in front of Haily. Haily was Jennifers best friend. Wow! Can I ride her? No! Why not? Because you aren't trained. So! So, you will fall. Fine. I have something to tellyou. What? I have a dragon too! Really! Yes! Call it. Ok. So Haily called her dragon. Her dragon was named Flower. Awsome! what is your Dragon's name? Flower. I'm sorry Ididn't let you ride my dragon. It's ok. You didn't know. Well. Let's go flying. They flew so high in the sky. They did amazing tricks. Flips, back flipsand swirls. When they got back they were so tired.

Where they lost the dragons

They went to bed emedeitly! It was only 5:00 in the evening! The next morning they had fish for breakfast so did flower and Safira. They were starving from traveling from home to Greenland the girls told they dragons to go where they got setteled. The girls went for a walk when they got back everything was gone!

They called their dragons but they didnt come. They were gone. Oh my gosh! I want to go home! But this is our only time to actually have an adventure like this. Come on! "Fine." said Haily. What are we going to do? Haily asked. Well why dont we look for clues. Ok. So the girls looked all over the place for clues. Haily found foot prints on the ground. Jennifer found dirty handprints on one pair of socks they dropped. Jennifer had no idea why they wanted clothes. Hey come here I found foot prints. Good lets follow them. Maybe. It will lead us to where they are. They followed the foot prints. but, they stopped in the middle of Greenland. Then Haily remembered something. Hey Iknow what animal or thing this belongs to. Really yes! they are called Osalls. Wow. How did you know this? Well my dad wrote about this along time ago and I found it in our bookshelf.

He used to care about things. Anyway, I looked in it and I saw a picture of a foot print and on top of said Osalls foot print. Cool. Was your Dad a dragon rider? Yes? So is mine! Ok, enought chitchat lets get to work. Haily said. Well if the trail ends here then they must have flewon our dragons.

Avoiding dead meat and instead Hatching a Plan

Why they are dead meat Haily said. Stop thinking about dead meat and start thingking a plan. Fine Haily said. Jennifer saw something. It was two dragons. Hey are those are our dragons. Lets call them. Ok. So the girls called the draggons. They came. The girls were relived! Yes. One of the dragons said. Are you ok? Did they hurt you? what did they do to you. Nothing what are you talking about? I thought you were captured by the Osalls. No. we were in the forest. If you were in the forest they why didnt you come come when I called you. Because we arent your dragons. But you look just like them. Yes we are the same kind. But we arent the same exact dragon. Then what are your names? We dont have any. Why not? We'd rather not talk about it. Sorry. Um. We have to go. Said the dragons. Waiiiit! the girls said. Darnet!! Haily asked why were we saying wait? Jennifer slapped her head. Because they could take us to our dragons. Oooh. Now I get it! Yhea. Anyway. we have to find those dragons. Ok. Haily said. But how? why dont we? Hey look there is a book on the ground.