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About Light and Heart

Kavitha Komatineni


March 5th, 2008

About Light

The frequency of a wave is the number of waves that pass a point in a certain amount of time. Waves have certain properties. Frequency is one of the properties. Something that happens again and again is called "frequent". The more "often" somethigng happens the more "frequent" it is. So when waves in an ocean are more frequent or having more frequency they come one after the other very quickly.

The meaning of "transparent" is the ability of materials that transmit nearly all of the light rays that hit them. You can see through transparent material.

The meaning of "translucent" is the ability of materials that let some light rays in but scatter other rays. You can see that some light goes through translucent material.

The meaning of "absorption" is that it occurs when an object takes in or absorbs the light wave. After a light wave is absorbed it becomes a form heat energy.

About Heart

From the 4 presentations I heard today I learned many things about the heart. Somethings I didn't even know. For example, the heart can beat about 80 times per minute and if you take care of your heart then it can beat for 4 billion and 800 million times in 100 years. I also learned that your heart is in the middle of your chest. The blood from your lungs enters through the left side of your heart. The blood that the heart pumps to the lungs is oxygen. It also pumps oxygen to cells and brings carbon dioxide away from the cells. I almost forgot, the heart belongs to the circulatory system. Well that is many things I've learned. Bye!