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The Talent Show

Kavitha Komatineni


March 19th, 2008

"Mom! Guess what! We are having a talent show in school!!" I said with excitement to Mom. "That's great honey!" she said in reply. I went down stairs to go ask my mom if I can be in the play. "Sure you can." she answered. "Yes!" I said. "So, honey what are you going to do for the talent show?", Mom asked. I wasn't sure at the time. Should I sing, dance, or act. Finally I figured out what to do. "I know I'll dance!" I told her with excitement. My Mom was very happy for me. When I arrived at school the next day I told all of my friends that I'm goinhg to be in the talent show. All of my friends were happy for me.. "Why are you doing a dance?" One of my friends asked me. I told them I am doing a dance because I have been dancing for 7 years. Also because on my Mom's side of the family we all like to dance and we always dance on special occasions. At the end of the day I went back home and started working on my dance. "Left, right, left, right." "Yes, I'got it" I said with excitement. The very next day I had the talent show. I was up next. "Here comes Kavitha dancing to Rockstar!" When Kavitha was done many many people were clapping. After the show they announced the winners. "The winner is Kavitha." they said. I ran up there and took my prie. The prize was you get to be in a movie with Corbin Bleu, the Rock and one celebrity that you want to be in the movie. "Mom, I won!" I yelled so happy. Finally, the best part was I get to skip the rest of school just to go to Hwaii and shoot a movie! Bye, have fun I know I will.