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00.00 How to prepare your child for FCAT

Significant improvements can be made in FCAT math scores by methodically preparing for the test a week before.

You will start by writing down all multiplication facts between 1 through 12. Perhaps do this 2 or 3 times. This will help in multiplication and division.

For numbers 1 through 100 make the student write all factors for each number.

Get the student familiar with simple multiplication facts such as multiplying something with a 10 or 100.

Rounding seem to be very important. So you want to run through some practice tests for these.

Lot of tests seem to include capacity measurements.

Expression evaluation that uses brackets seem to come up a lot.

I have also often seen algbraic relationship between two variables based on their tabulated values.

The following documents will help you to work with your child in a methodical manner to exercise through these often tested ideas.

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